Minnesota Plant ID Quiz – ANSWERS!


Fun, fun, fun.  Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz.

1) old-fashioned bleeding heart

2) sedum – an upright variety, perhaps Purple Emperor

3) A. Siberian iris  B. daylilly

4) violet (volunteer/weed)

5) peony amidst Korean angelica

6) chives

7) alpine strawberries

8) columbine, Native variety, a weed to me – come on over if you want some

9) bad bad bad campanula WEED!  Campanula rapunculoides to be exact.  Ugh.

10) hops, golden aureus

11) labrador retriever hole with a daylilly hanging at the precipice

12) Korean angelica (my favorite plant)

13) scilla – Siberian squill

14) Jacob’s ladder

15) Oriental poppies

16) perennial geranium – cranesbill

17) dwarf goatsbeard, aruncus

18) hair allium

19) looks like a pile of wood chips, but there are three varieties of sedum in this picture

20) more scilla

21) another bleeding heart

22) maple tree weeds

23) L to R: daylilly, perennial geranium, scilla

24) columbine AKA WEEDS!

25) clover weeds

26) hops, nugget variety

27) Siberian iris growing in a circle = BAD; MUST BE DIVIDED if in circular arrangement or it won’t bloom!

28) Korean angelica

29) forsythia arch

30) background = Pomeranian domesticus; foreground = hops

31) L = bad campanula weed; R = alpine strawberry

32) A = chives; B = sorrel

33) mostly Siberian iris

34) peony pre-Labrador

35) the brown fuzzy stuff is astilbe just peeking out

36) Jacob’s ladder

37) lacy leaves with pink/purple flowers = corydalis; straight stem with white flower = puschkinia

38) puschkinia (and one scilla)

39) bad bad bad bad common rue.  Don’t ever plant this stuff.  Spreads like a virulent STD.

40) Oriental poppies

41) globe thistle

42) perennial geranium

43) pasque flower

44) tiny little species iris

45) centaurea, Bachelor’s buttons

46) wild ginger, just starting to come up

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