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Friday Night Fish Fry

I tried giving up sweets for Lent this year.  Christina, one of my friends, accomplished this insane task a couple years ago.  She felt great.  I figured why not give it a go – not for any religious reason, but … Continue reading

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Overheard: Behind the Scenes on the Set of INSURGENT

Okay people!  Let ‘s start out with six laps around the studio.  Remember, this movie is about RUNNING – running away from bad guys, running to bad guys, running to catch trains, running to outrun trains.  Speaking of which – … Continue reading

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Eating the Vernal Equinox: Menu For the Urban Minnesota Locavore

For your gustatory pleasure, please enjoy these step-by-step instructions to your very own vernal equinox feast. Descend stairs to basement.  Trip over tub of miscellaneous “winter squash.”  Drag tub upstairs to kitchen.  Go back down and trip over tub of … Continue reading

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Remedial Anatomy Part II: Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Explains Female Reproductive Anatomy

Last week we discussed how it is physically impossible for a woman to swallow a camera in order to undergo a gynecologic exam.  I promised to cover human female reproductive anatomy with a little help from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. … Continue reading

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Remedial Anatomy Part 1: The Alimentary Canal

Idaho state representative Vito Barbieri made social media waves last week by asking if a woman could swallow a camera in order for a physician to perform a remote gyn exam.  The details are slightly murky and I confess I … Continue reading

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