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Trampled By Zebras

My back “went out” on Saturday.  For the three days prior, I had hints of my upcoming misfortune, a twinge over my hip, some vague throbbing around the knee.  By Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t take off my socks, touch my … Continue reading

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The annual MLK performance at my son’s school is the major all-school event of the year.    The entire student body participates, even the kids who claim to hate singing.  (How can anyone hate singing?) The music teacher, let’s call … Continue reading

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How the Dog Ate Christmas – guest post by The Big E

My guest blogger today is The Big E – grade 4.  We hope you enjoy his tale of suspense and intrigue. —————— It was Christmas Eve in Glueville and the Affengrincher was coming so that night the Affengrincher got on … Continue reading

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One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Disclaimer: I am not your doctor.  I am not trying to give you medical advice.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 now.  Now!  Thank you. ———————— Tis the season.  Everyone has “The Flu.”  Unfortunately for health care … Continue reading

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