Here’s What I Wore – part two

In honor of Groundhog Day (the movie), I present the second annual “Here’s What I Wore.”

Woke up to “feels like minus six degrees” today!  Refreshing!  I have no memory of my breakfast.  I lovingly crafted a wholesome meal for my fourth-grader that he refused to eat.  I then lovingly crafted a wholesome lunch and stuffed it into his lunchbox (a charming black Lands End number – $4 on clearance due to monogram), forcing the zipper half shut.  (Anticipatory note to self: throw uneaten lunch into front yard for bunnies after school.)


Note the lovely texturized appearance afforded by Chester.

What to wear?!  The possibilities are nearly endless and much more convenient now that Ace has evacuated our marital boudoir (due to recurrent viral upper respiratory infections).  I keep all my clean laundry in a handy mound right on the bed!  My black Guildan sweatpants, with a fetching elastic waist, are perfect year-round  in any Minnesota weather situation.  While I paid full price ($10.97 at Mills Fleet Farm) I firmly believe that the versatility of this garment justifies the expenditure.  Chester, our yellow Labrador retriever, really makes our black clothing POP.  His long fur gives added warmth and a lovely texturized appearance to any item.


Photo bomb by Rafa.

Today, I paired the sweats with a ribbed cotton navy shirt (fished out of the rag bucket at Steeple People Thrift Store; unknown brand).  The black and blue color palette accurately represented my state-of-mind this morning.  For the exhilaratingly early choir rehearsal at The Big E’s school (I’m the piano accompanist), I completed my outfit with a heathered purple hoodie (zipped up to cover any décolletage; $4 Steeple People – unknown brand b/c I chopped off the tag) in a luxurious poly/cotton blend.  I find this color to be most effective for me in the winter, when it sucks the last of the lifeforce right out of my complexion.  The handy front pockets add extra tummy padding for that rounded Renaissance look.

I accessorized with knee-high SmartWool socks (picture above; Christmas gift) that coincidentally sort-of matched the hoodie!  As the day progressed, I realized the socks (though wool) were too thin for current weather conditions and fished my Thorio brown+baby blue x-c ski socks (clearance @ Marshalls; mentioned last year in Here’s What I Wore) out of the dirty laundry.


Photo taken right before Chester ate my mitten.

Bright sunny day with rejuvenating cool crisp frigid air.  For the trip to school, I wore my brown Lands End down comforter-with-sleeves (dug out of rag box at Steeple People; took home and washed the living daylights out of it).  I’m afraid I parted ways with my black Lands End down comforter with sleeves featured in last year’s Here’s What I Wore; it was simply too small to accommodate the five or six layers that I often wear on top.  For accessories: multicolored hat (from rag box at Steeple People; I repaired the holes), black REI mittens ($2 Steeple People; not to be confused with the black REI mittens gifted to me by my beloved), mostly-brown Bogs (featured in last year’s post as well!), and brown no-name plastic sunglasses (stolen from hub’s car, again).


Chester trying to be a scarf.


Rafa as lap warmer.

My living fur collection expanded this year to include the a-fur-mentioned 75-pound Labrador retriever.  Imagine the infinite possibilities with all that fur!  Chester works best as a lap warmer or legwarmer, though he likes to experiment as a scarf.  My smaller living fur, Rafa, continues to offer superior flexibility, warmth, and comfort.  If you are in the market for a living fur, please visit this site, or this one if you aren’t a Twin Citian.

Tonight, I’ll slip into something sexy: my husband’s beige knee-high athletic socks (50 cents Steeple People), men’s XXXL Minnesota Wild raglan-sleeve T (50 cents church rummage sale), and my nighttime bite splint (super cute, ridiculously expensive, and recently repaired!).  You might recognize this as my sexy-fun-times outfit from last year’s post.  Hey – why mess with a good thing.

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Musical Moment


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  1. Lev Raphael says:

    And what winter ensemble would be complete without a dog? 🙂

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