Well, it’s a Marvelous Night for a Blog Launch

Thirty degrees in the Twin Cities, heading for a low of eighteen.  I tromp up to the attic in search of a sailor hat.  The gale-force cross ventilation howls in protest.

Towers of bankers boxes rise like standing stones.  To walk between is to walk back in time.  My red velvet Christmas dress, lovingly hand-smocked by Gram.  Uncle Randall’s meticulous genealogy research.  Home furnishings from my childhood doll house – shampoo cap stools, Lite-Brite kitchen utensils, a stationery box double bed.  And pictures.  Pyramids of pictures subjected to the hundred and forty degree temperature range of a Minnesota attic.

Miraculously, I locate a box of costumes.  Xena, Poison Ivy, Jasmine, Venus de Milo.  No sailor hat.  I haul the box down anyhow, resolving (again) to clean the attic.

Rafa tolerates the bunny ears.


He would’ve preferred the sailor hat.  After a brief inspection of the vessel (scanning for typos and grammatical faux paws), we’re ready to LAUNCH!


Won’t you join us?

Musical Moment


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  1. Carol Hoffman says:


    Delightful musings on the ordinary and the sublime.
    I look forward to reading more.

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