Things Fall Apart

Entropy beckons.

All systems crave chaos.

Wrinkles.  Dementia.  Peeling paint.

Cleveland devolves, a frenzied orgy of hate.

Stone her!

Maggots in the flour.

Will the bread rise?  Will the bread rise?

Entropy makes his grand entrance, adorned with careless exclamation points.  We are the champions!  What face will he wear today?  Misogyny or Racism?  White Supremacy or Terrorism?

(Things fall apart.)

Feast on the flesh of a thousand immigrants!

Cockroaches scuttle across the parquet floor, seeking the comfort of corruption and decay.

Make America great again!

We speak.  We question.  We love.

And his tuxedo, sewn from the threads of ignorance and fear –

his tuxedo begins to fray.

Will the maggoty bread rise?

Light your candle!  Unravel the toxic cloak!  Lean your energy against the chaos.

Light your candle in this dark day.

Musical Moment

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