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Holiday Decorating on a #TaxBill2017 Budget

Welcome Gentle Readers! Today we will explore how to create a festive and inviting home environment even as we start in on a new gastric ulcer courtesy of #TaxBill2017. 1) Caloric Requirements: During the halcyon days of the Obama administration, … Continue reading

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Radical Acceptance: Bad S*** Consistently Happens

Ace, The Big E, and I escaped to small-town Wisconsin for two days last week.  We crossed streets without getting run over, shopped in the farmers’ market, and snarfed preternaturally sweet corn-on-the-cob.  I basked in the luxury of off-line ignorance … Continue reading

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Train is a Comin’

I feel like I’m about to be mowed down by a high-speed train filled to the brim with radioactive orange sludge.  Maybe you feel the same way.  Here are some ideas for what we can do under such circumstances: 1) … Continue reading

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Unapologetically Smart

I am a woman.  I am smart. I’m using “smart” in the standard academic sense of the word, not to minimize other forms of intelligence (artistic, emotional, spatial-relational, etc.), but to limit the scope of this discussion. Perhaps I made … Continue reading

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