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The Beauty of a Handwritten Note

“I’m kind of old-school,” Dr. Seshat admits.  She’s a millennial doc, finishing her Internal Medicine residency around the year 2000.  Her practice straddles the old and the new.  During her training, Seshat documented with a pen in a paper chart.  … Continue reading

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Vishnu, Protector of Humanity

“Some days I feel like I have the best job in the world.”  Dr. Vishnu works at an FQHC-designated clinic in California.  She calls me between the demands of work and parenting.  “We are invited into people’s intimate lives and … Continue reading

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The Apollo Mission

I reconnected with Dr. Apollo (a pseudonym) after  my recent Oberlin College reunion.  I’m a doc, you’re a doc, let’s chat sometime.  He agrees to be interviewed after reading my blog post on physician burnout.  “Oh my gosh,” he says.  … Continue reading

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Lend Me Your Eir

Over 13,000 people read my recent post on physician burnout.  Thank you.  Clearly, folks are interested in this topic.  Smart researchers are examining provider stress and burnout.  Readers mentioned several resources including Let My Doctor Practice and Physicians Working Together.  … Continue reading

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Laying Down My Stethoscope

One of the Star Tribune’s leading articles 8/7/16 is “Doctors Battling Crisis of Burnout.”  The article talks about how many health care organizations are recognizing physician stress and burnout as an important issue and taking steps to help providers develop … Continue reading

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