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Notes from the Third Circle

Greetings from the Third Circle of Hell, formerly known as Gluttony.  Now simply called The Kitchen. If time spent in the garden is gold, time spent in the kitchen is that nasty base metal (that turns your skin sickly green) … Continue reading

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The Non-Reproducible Cheeseball

Food management is not one of my strengths.  I cook because we eat, not from a place of wholesome domestic joy.  Over the years, Ace and I have strategized approaches to meal-planning: Monday is Fish Night, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Stuff You Say If You’re Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Dear Ms. Kasper: Rick Nelson, our local food writer for the Star Tribune, wrote a lovely article about YOU in the Taste section, October 27, 2016.  An article titled “The Soup You’ll Make All Winter” certainly captures attention. Let me … Continue reading

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May the Fifth Be With You

A long long time ago (Sunday), in a galaxy far away (St. Paul), I wrote a piece in preparation for my Monday blog.  I read it over and realized, yikes, this thing is depressing in the way that only dead … Continue reading

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Laura’s Bestest Pumpkin Bread Ever

I’m wearing my give-up pants, Ace’s castoffs – nylon windstopper on the outside and fuzzy polar fleece on the inside.  I wash them occasionally.  Paired with my Oberlin hoodie, they make the perfect Minnesota Outfit.  The pants leach any motivational … Continue reading

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Culinary Misadventures -or- Oops! I Made Jelly!

I love the idea of eating off the land.  Romantic self sufficiency.  “Putting up” fresh produce by canning and freezing.  But canning, really.  You never know when the power will go out.  Solar panels would take care of it.  Yeah, … Continue reading

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Bucking Tradition – An Annotated Pictorial Rendering of the Final Nail in the Coffin of my Pastry Chef Aspirations

In junior high, I developed a profound love for sheep.  Not a fetish, but definitely a mild obsession.  My collection expanded to the point that we could decorate for Christmas exclusively with sheep.  Over time, I sheared the collection to … Continue reading

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