Spring Was Here (And will be again. Eventually.)

My mind is entirely blank, wiped clean by perpetually subzero temperatures.  The bright sun mocks me: “Come play!  Ha ha!”  One step outside and any exposed skin shrivels up and falls off.

I used to peruse Botanica’s Annuals and Perennials every wintry night.  The cheery pictures reminded me that, true to Tom Waits, “You can never hold back spring.”

Today, as I struggled with any thought at all, much less creative thought, I turned to my iPhoto repository.  Here is pictorial proof of springs past:


Nest of robin chicks under the eve of our garden shed.


Poppies poppies poppies. Sedum in the background.










Dill and fennel volunteers.


Making friends.


Lilac, bleeding heart, crabapple blossoms.



Musical Moment

















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