An Open Letter to Dessa of the Doomtree Collective

Dear Dessa:

I met you yesterday at Steeple People Thrift Store in Uptown.  Let me paint the scene to refresh your memory as I’m certain people say idiotic things to you all the time.

Me: (standing at the front counter next to the register, putting jewelry in the case)

You: (buying drinking glasses that you gingerly stacked inside a brown paper grocery bag)

Me: Do you want me to wrap those for you?

You: No, that’s okay. (perhaps I paraphrase)

Me: Are you sure?

You: I’m living on the edge.

Me: (cocking head) You look like Dessa.

You: (smiling graciously and extending your hand) Hi, I’m Dessa.

Me: (shaking your hand, starstruck) I’m Anne.  I LOVE YOU!

Another Customer: I think you know my brother’s friend X.

You: (friendly and poised) Remind me how I know X.

Another Customer: Blah blah high school blah.


You: (concluding your transaction and preparing for departure)

Me: Thank you for your work.

You: Hopefully I won’t wind up with shards of glass.

I imagine that this situation must get tiresome.  Please rest assured that my admiration is genuine, for what you are (professional, grace-full, poetic, intelligent, authentic, a thrift shopper) as well as what you aren’t (crabby, entitled, trampy, disingenuous).  Thank you and I’m sorry if I turned an anonymous thrift store visit into a chore.


Anne Lippin                                                                                                                             Steeple People jewelry volunteer

PS: I’ll gladly buy you another set of glasses at Steeple People if living on the edge didn’t work out.  Just say the word.


Musical Moment (if you have an hour and a half)                                                                       Musical Moment (if you don’t)

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