“Mom” Clothes – Not Just for Gwyneth Paltrow

Photos of Gwyneth Paltrow in “mom jeans” made the internet rounds this week.  Curiosity piqued, I clicked on a link to check out the pants.  Baggy, drawstring waist, blue denim.  So what.  Looked like she even had time to ask a domestic assistant to iron her blouse and brush her hair.  Bully for her.

I suspect the real story is that GP went to her clothing room and grabbed her fave skinny jeans.  She pulled them on and realized, “Huh.  Guess I’ve been overdoing it on the Academy Awards cleanse.  I do believe I’ll wear them anyhow, I’m only going to Brentwood.”

I don’t wish to rant about Hollywood’s insane approach to body image.  Nor do I want to explore our culture’s perplexing simultaneous normalization of anorexia and obesity.

Here’s my dream: I simply want the media to stop using “mom” as an insult.

Cease and desist using “mom” as a synonym for unflattering, lazy, sloppy, give-up, careless, ugly, passé, out-of-touch, fashionless, unkempt, unattractive, unsexy, distasteful, overly large, shapeless, hasty etc etc etc.

In solidarity, I’ve posted photos of my very finest “mom” clothing (and my photobomby pommie).  “Mom” being a  synonym for practical, comfortable, easy, flexible, fun, adaptable, true, competent, capable, and just fine.

First, check out this versatile “mom” cotton union suit, my constant companion over the last forty-eight hours while I battled a viral URI.  Cute, comfy, and affordable (Target), the only drawback is the lack of a drop seat.







Next up is a pair of Cambio “Sharon” fuzzy “mom” pants, found on Ebay for $11.  These food-disguising Bohemian beauties can easily accommodate long undies for the ultimate Minnesota winter fashion fun.






And look at that!  It’s a cornucopia of color!  I pair a green long-sleeve “mom” North Face polar fleece (thrift shop $4) with an Eastern Mountain Sports furry red “mom” vest (thrift shop $5).  Snug as a Pomeranian!







Bottoms up!  What woman doesn’t need a pair of “mom” ruffle pants?  Available on Etsy, these stretchy knit darlings feature a pragmatic elastic waist, seams that won’t creep up your buttcrack, and a kicky ruffly hem.  Perfect with a soft hoodie or even a wrinkled silk blouse.




What are your favorite “mom” clothes?  Do tell!

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2 Responses to “Mom” Clothes – Not Just for Gwyneth Paltrow

  1. Jen McKeand says:

    My go to mom uniform is Target C9 yoga pants – using the phrase yoga pants loosely. These are not anywhere near the Athleta or Lululemon variety and seem to tolerate my thighs touching just fine, thank you!

    Love the pictures and commentary. Stay warm!


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