Korean Angelica – my official FAVORITE PLANT


Looking Dull.

I obtained my first Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas) plants from the Friends School Plant Sale (neonicotinoid free) several years ago.  I didn’t know quite what to expect.  That first year, the plants were somewhat dull.  They just sat there and photosynthesized.

The plants made it through the winter and I waited in breathless anticipation.  Round about mid-July, a purplish stalk shot up and erupted into the craziest flowers I’d ever seen.    IMG_9021

Korean Angelica is the plant that would inhabit the nightmares of folks who are afraid of bees.


Pollinator Smorgasbord.








The third year the plants were gone; they’re biennials.  I just buy them every year so I have some in the boring phase and some in the phantasmagical stage.



Chester sitting next to Korean Angelica to help with perspective.









My plants self-seeded last year. Here are the adorable babies.

Musical Moment

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