Just Another Mucous Monday

The following is the product of a codeine-addled brain.  Consider yourself warned.


The first feature, to the tune of “I’m Still Standing,” by Elton John:


Don’t you know that

I’m still coughing,

harder than I ever did

Lookin’ like tuberculosis

Feeling like an invalid

(Don’t you know that)

I’m still coughing

After all this time

Coughing up the pieces of my lungs

The last cold left behind

I’m still coughing

(yeah, yeah, yeah)

I’m still coughing

(yeah, yeah, yeah)


Next, a bit of A-ha’s “Take On Me


I’m coughing away

I don’t have the

breath to say

I’ll sneeze the words away

Please drug me now,

at least until Sunday.


And finally, Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” – revisited


Codeine, codeine, codeine, codeine

I’m beggin’ of you please suppress my cough

Codeine, codeine, codeine, codeine

Please don’t make me turn into a sloth

Your strength it is beyond compare

Catarrh, coriza  must beware!

When mixed right up with phenergan

You make me want to live again!

Your flavor like demented grapes

I am complete with you



Musical Moment



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2 Responses to Just Another Mucous Monday

  1. Betsy says:

    Thank you for sharing this little touch of drug induced brilliance with the world. I will be blaming you next time I start humming “codeine, codeine….”

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