Goodnight Doom

In the great oval room

There is a telephone

With the nuclear neumes

And a dead dream of –

She-POTUS slaying the Agent of Doom

The BA from Wellesley and Yale JD

Just couldn’t win over misogyny


And a red Senate

And carmine House

Are dropping their gloves

“Get ready to oust!”

And a Combover keen to grope gals in the tush

Says “I’ll soon be POTUS!” to pal Billy Bush


Goodnight goon

Goodnight buffoon

Goodnight Agent Orange, Demon of Doom

Goodnight phoney

And goodnight Comey

Goodnight emails

And goodnight “Me!” males

Goodnight “Make America…”

And goodnight fake America


Goodnight Birthers

Goodnight Party of Tea

Goodnight POA daughters

And goodnight Melani-

Goodnight pussy

And goodnight piece of ass

You messed with The Pantsuit, you Creature of Crass


Goodnight Benghazi

And goodnight Neo-Nazis

Goodnight Johnson

And goodnight Weiner

(Can’t we get leadership with a vageener?)

Goodnight Combover

And goodnight MiGs

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight fascist pigs

And goodnight to Narcissus, whose hands are not big


Goodnight to the sane ones

Sleep well the night through

Because in the morning

We’ve got work to do


Musical Moment


Thank you to Margaret Wise Brown.

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3 Responses to Goodnight Doom

  1. mom says:

    Oh my goodness! You have outdone yourself this time. Very well done. XXXOOO

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