Doggie Writing Exercises

1) One of my writing buddies suggested a vicious exercise – write for five minutes without using the letter “e”.  If you have a few minutes, give this exercise a try and I’ll post what you write.

To My Dog Rafa

Your fur – so fuzzy and warmIMG_5472

Your claws – spiky and sharp

Your tummy – I could scratch all day

Your fluffy tail – arching toward your back

Your snout drips with joy

Lift your paws so I can pick you up, my Poochico.


2) Another writing partner proposed “A day in the life of a pet” with a five minute time limit.  Read it VERY QUICKLY to get the full effect.

(click click click click click) I’m up!  You’re not.  (click click click)  I’m cute in my basket!  WAKE UP!  (click click click)  You’re UP!  See my paws?  I’m right here dancing.  Liftmeliftmeliftmeliftmeliftme so I can pant in your face and sneeze in your smiling mouth.  Pets please.  Scratch my Ewok ears.  Now do it again.IMG_5742

I’m hot.  I’m hungry.  I’m happy.  Can we eat yet?  I could pee like NOW!  Lift me down, gently so you don’t squash my trachea.  I’m actually hungry AT THE MOMENT and did I mention that I NEED TO PEE!

Down the stairs through the kitchen and out the door.  3 dogs to the left behind the fence.  3 dogs to the right behind the fence.  I could literally bark ALL DAY.  I love talking to the neighbors.  Eventually, I’ll chew my way through the boards.  Then Teddy and I can bark our heads off in person.

I forgot to pee.

This snow is interfering with my sense of smell but it sure tastes good.  IMG_5481Don’t you hear me scratching at the door?  Isn’t my tummy cute?  PICK ME UP!  Scratch me!IMG_4229







I’m hot.  Is it breakfast time?  I could pee again.  Pick me up!






Musical Moment

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One Response to Doggie Writing Exercises

  1. Scott Moore says:

    Crack! Candy shards fly into oblivion. Sticky digits go in mouth with biting incisors. Baby stains glass on both sides. Window washing waits for moms and dads. Swing down in warm socks. Cold floor. Work now starts.

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