Dear Class of 2017 Liberal Arts Graduates:

Congratulations.  I hope you aren’t saddled with unmanageable student debt.

We need to talk.  I know you’re capable of reading above a third-grade level for prolonged periods of time, certainly longer than a 140-character tweet.  If forced to condense my thoughts into a single tweet, it would be this:

“World in danger – send in the liberal arts grads. #TruthMatters #ThoughtMatters #ArtMatters #ScienceMatters #EducationMatters #LoveMatters”

You’re it.  You’re the key to the future.  I’m not asking for optimism or even realism.  What I want is idealism.  I want you to seek the Truth and stand on it, waving your handmade, pithy, activist signs.

Irreversible global warming?  Rampant diabetes, hypertension, superbugs, obesity, and mental illness?  Mounting political and religious extremism?  We may soon reach a stage where cyber shopping, tele-commuting, and Fox News keep us corralled like brainwashed livestock, alone in our dwellings, lacking the social skills to even carry on the species.

You.  Have.  The.  Tools.  When everyone else is wallowing in the reactionary muck of an anonymous virtual existence, you will still know how to communicate, interpret, negotiate, research, predict, extrapolate, mediate, and love.

Never doubt the value of your liberal arts education.

While you go about changing the world, I’m happy to pick you up at the airport, feed you dinner, tuck you into the guest bed, and help fix your hair before your presentation/speech/awards ceremony/concert/seminar.

I met a friend for lunch today.  In person.  We sat in her backyard in the midst of grass and mud and hostas and dandelions and potential.  On the way to her home, I drove past a mashed rabbit.  The body part was quite flattened.  But the ears lifted straight up on the breeze, a jaunty peace sign arising from the median.

There’s a metaphor in there.  I’m not exactly sure what it is.

Go out.  Do good in the world.  #YouMatter


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