Creativity in the Face of Adversity

We just returned from several days at the in-laws lake shack.  The Big E dragged a friend up, also named E.  They’ve been friends since kindergarten.  We walked in the first day of kg with a class size of 18 kids and LO!  There was another boy named E.  Unbelievable.  But that’s not the story.

E Squared had a high old time driving the 1947 Farmall tractor, putt-ing around on the riding lawnmower, tromping through the wood picking up wood ticks, tossing each other off the floating swim mat, and fishing.

They demonstrated a valuable lesson that I want to share with you.  They were bass fishing off the end of the dock, tossing lures into the cattails in search of the big ones who like to lurk.  If you fish, you know it’s dicey to toss a lure into cattails.  Best case scenario, you catch a fish and the slippery caught fish guides you out of the weeds.  E & E tossed a lure in and got snagged.  In their efforts to disentangle, the rod snapped (remarkably) before the line.  They retrieved the pieces of the rod and kissed the lure goodbye.

Instead of hemming, hawing, swearing, complaining, or quitting, they immediately began strategizing a fix for the rod.  We arrived home and my Big E took to the basement.  He carved a wooden dowel, filed some stuff, and procured epoxy.  Fixed.  Permanently.

There you have it.  Creativity in the face of adversity.  Try it out, use that energy in a positive way.

Musical Moment

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