It’s A Boy! And he needs a name…

Yesterday morning, The Big E and I traveled an hour-and-a-half to “look at” a puppy, an 8 week old yellow labrador retriever.  Anyone who has ever seen an 8 week old yellow labrador retriever puppy already knows the end of this tale.  Iris, our beloved geriatric yellow lab, died a couple years back and we’ve been pining ever since.

I noticed Ace doing intermittent doggie computer research, sort of on the sly.  Naturally, I took that as a GREEN LIGHT!!!!!

Guess who came home with us…








Of course, he’s brilliant.

He pees and poops outside.  He snarfs his food and dumps his water dish. IMG_5930







The baby slept pretty well last night, though he’d prefer to be in bed with me.  IMG_5926






The Big E thinks he’s divine.  Rafa is adjusting.IMG_5942IMG_5937








The lad needs a name.  Names under consideration include:

Stanley (Stan)


Lancelot (Lance)

Norbert (Bert)


Romeo (Romie)


Charles (Charlie, Char)

Thorin (Thor)

Frederick (Freddie, Fred)

What do you think?  Please suggest names!

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8 Responses to It’s A Boy! And he needs a name…

  1. Jen McKeand says:

    Norman (Norm!)

  2. Marlene says:

    I’ve got a new crush. No matter what his name.

  3. Betsy says:

    Roger Charlie and Thor resonate with me. Congrats. I’m going to start my research in July in anticipation if a august acquisition.

  4. Scott Moore says:

    Perhaps it is because I am hungry but I present these names:
    Moo Shu

    It also may be that I like non people names for animals. Friends of ours had two cats. One was named Bug and the other Monkey. Both of our cats have people names but they came with the names when PK and I started dating.

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