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The Ace Transducer

My husband, Ace, doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day, says he doesn’t want to be manipulated by our consumerist culture into professing ebullient emotions in a manner befitting an extrovert.  Those are my words.  He’d say, “I don’t like it when … Continue reading

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“Conscious Uncoupling”? Good Luck With That.

News of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s impending “conscious uncoupling” hit the internet this week.  I thought I’d toss my opinion into the mix, ‘cause it’s super fun to comment on other people’s failing marriages, particularly when one lacks all … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Physicians Make Impossible Parents

10) We force our kids to learn correct anatomical names by age two.  “No, Billy, that’s your scrotum with two testes tucked inside at the appropriate temperature for eventual spermatogenesis.” 9) Doctors’ work schedules uniformly suck.  I suggest a life-size … Continue reading

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